Tips for Affiliate Marketing


What is affiliate marketing? Basically it’s a way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals and companies who do marketing for them of their products for some commission.

We can also call it online marketing. Companies have hired websites like amazon and Flipkart, who are taking commission from the company or a fess of their work they are doing i.e. advertising and selling goods. That’s good for everyone, company, and sellers and as well as the customer. Customer is getting the product in some online clicks and company is getting rise in sales. Not just big companies, now even individuals are also enjoying the benefits of affiliate marketing.

There are some which should be there in mind before you get into this industry.

  1. Choose the product wisely

When you are new in an industry you can’t afford to do mistakes. Choose the right product to promote. Only then you will be able to make a position of yourself in the market. Find the products which are good and beneficial for users, promotion of useless products will take you nowhere.  It’s obvious by Amazon is the main source when ti comes to looking for products to promote.

  1. Google things, be sure

Google is the primary search engine we look for. And it’s known as best search engine to review things. It’s better you google things and review all the things. And only after that finalize the product you are going to promote.

  1. Choose the correct audience

Efforts in promotions will be proved as good only when you are promoting things in front of the audience. So choose the product and correct audience related to the product only then you will be able to do well in your job.

  1. Keep an eye on your competitors

This is one of the most important suggestions, keep yourself updated of all the strategies of your competitors. Updates will make you able to compete with your competitors wisely.

If all this seems a bit much to master on your own then you can opt for some training.  Many websites offer this.  I’ve tried courses from Alex Jeffreys, Affilorama, Source Wave.  But one that I stuck with, mainly because of the structured training and lack of promises was called Wealthy Affiliate.  I was mentored there by Ian, this is his extensive review of wealthy affiliate

After these comes, how to promote your products in a better way and where to promote.Here are some tips:-

  1. Choose the best product to promote. Try the product by yourself first, ask the company for the sample, because if you mistakenly start promoting a bad product that will ultimately harm your job or business.
  2. Keep yourself updated of all the technologies useful in promotion industry. And also the new methods in the marketing. It will help you in making yourself stable in the market, because old technologies in promotion and marketing never work out as good and beneficial.
  3. Keep transparency, be helpful, and patient. Don’t get hyper on often stages. Think positive and keep yourself up.
  4. Try all your moves, everywhere. Don’t think that people won’t contact you on this or that platform. Use all platforms, like blogging, videography, Facebook, twitter and other social networking websites.
  5. Be an online addict. That mean, stay online everywhere, be attentive as customer can contact you anytime. Don’t disappoint your customers, otherwise they will bad feedback for you and that will harm you in future.

If you follow all these steps, surely you will get success very soon. Just work hard and be patient.

If you need any tips on keyword research, I will be writing more in a future article on a great tool called Jaaxy – which can help you. Be sure to check back.

Basic concept of Internet Marketing and earning


If you are planning to move ahead with the trend and want to try online business then one thing you should get through with is the internet marketing. This we can say because online marketing is quite different from marketing offline. Here in this write up we will discuss few basics things about the online marketing that includes its benefits and things one should learn and get the core information about online business.

Internet Marketing Benefits

In today’s time number of people opting for online marketing is increasing rapidly, as it is very cost efficient and you don’t require rocket science knowledge to persuade users available online to follow or opt for your service or product. It is significant that you should get the basic information before you begin internet marketing. Of course, the given points will lead you to get more benefits from you resources.

If you have very little budget or even if you have no money for advertising or marketing then internet marketing is one thing for you. Literally without money also you can do promotion of the service or product offered by you via various platforms or any social media networks. With little information about search engines, you can easily find out the top ranked keywords searched by your potential consumers on daily basis.

There is also one other subsidiary information about internet marketing referred as affiliate marketing for the one who do not have any sort of services or products to offer, which they come across once they enter in this business. Affiliate marketing can be described as the promotion of any service or product of any other person or business, which makes you earn the commission from their profit.

Core Information about Internet Marketing

Here is the list of things you should learn about before starting with the internet marketing:

  • Topic selection
  • Creation of product
  • Marketing writing or copywriting
  • Lead generation or list building
  • Website building
  • Traffic building
  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO (Search engine marketing)
  • Link building
  • PPC ( Pay per click) promotion or adverting
  • Marketing through social media

Of course, do not get worried after reading the list, as you do not require to get the master degree in all the topics mentioned above. However, you can easily make money while learning the list one by one, which will surely increase your interest in internet marketing.

You can also get a copy of the Internet marketing Uncut from to get the basic knowledge of the advanced or the upcoming techniques of marketing through internet that will surely help you to make lots of profit on monthly basis.


How to Use Clickbank effectively

Here’s a very interesting and informative video on Clickbank.

It’s a long video, over an hour.  But you’ll find all you need to know about using Clickbank to make money online.

Clickbank mainly deals in digital products – unlike Amazon, for example.  But the upside is that commissions are a lot higher.  So why not consider it for your next IM strategy?

Clickbank site



The continuing wave of economic crises that are prevalent across the world has compelled people to look for new means of earning money and internet is the apt location to do so. Given the job cuts and reduced pay rolls, many professional have embraced internet and switched to making money online. The digital world has reduced the size of the real world by enabling accessibility to things one could only imagine before. Earning money online requires a lot of dedication and high levels of skill to outshine many others swimming in the same pool as you.

These are some of the popular ways of earning money online.

  • E-Commerce – Many companies have adopted E-commerce on their websites to enable selling of their products and services over the internet. Incorporating e-commerce is getting popular with the passage of time as the security concerns over online monetary transactions are now negated almost completely. Sale of mobile phones, apparels and accessories online has scaled to phenomenal heights and compelled the leading brands to put up their products and services over the internet for sale.
  • E-Casino – People who enjoy monetary games like poker, black jack and other casino favourites can visit online casinos instead and earn money if their luck favours them. E-casinos are getting quite popular owing to the success stories of people who have earned huge sums from the same. These online casinos have different servers to pool people from the similar locations together. Legalisation of such sites negates any apprehension about the security of the transactions which take place on the sites.
  • Online Tuitions – Teachers of the modern times prefer to give online tuitions to students who need them. The facility connects teachers and students across the world to each other. The students can consult a specialist faculty providing online tuitions for any query they may have. The teachers providing online tuitions add supplementary income to themselves by doing so.
  • Photography – Photography is no longer considered a hobby alone, the growth in the number of professional photographers is accredited to internet alone. The hobbyists can now create their professional pages and websites which can be used to sell their captures. This has inspired the people to pursue their passions by providing monetary rewards for the same.  Udemy has some great courses in photography

Earning money was never easier than the present times where internet has opened up so many opportunities to earn money for people who may have lost their jobs, students needing more than just their pocket money or retired professionals who seek some source of income post retirement. Females have also joined the charade and are achieving huge success while having the comforts of working form home.

Top 5 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business


That epoch are disappeared when people get out of their shops and supplicate buyers to approachin their shop to acquisition their stuff. You commit to memorya small number of of the vendors commotion out there stuff name and asking you to get into the shop and raising their selling graphs. Well, those techniques are not only boring to attract buyers, but also keep the seller’sconstrained too little entitlement of buyers. And that without doubt makes they’repromotion low and down.

Now we all are devoted toup-to-the-minute approach and fancy to work with pleasurable!

Now 9 to 6 functioningare NOT all of us. We all fancybeing available for our customers 24 hours and still don’t want to work hard on it. Yes, it is all about working smarter that working harder.

Business is all about selling and earning profits, RIGHT?? So today we have come up with few very effective marketing ideas that will not only boost your business, but also make your presence amazing among your customers. It will help you to make more customers, earn more profit and have ravishing brand for yourselves!

So let see what all these ideas are.

  1. Social Media

The first and foremost idea for boosting your customer is to get connected via social media like Face book, Tweeter and blog. Just creating a page is not all. You have to connect them each day. Your target audience must see you all the time. You must post all your products, detailing, offers and functions on regular intervals. Our customers must see them often. More they see you, more they will like you and hence more they buy them from you. The positive thing is that updating/ advertisements are always free.

  1. beeverywhere

As stated above, more you are connected to people, more people buy stuff from you. Social media is not only the space that you must be active on. You have to learn one simple rule: Be everywhere. You can use hoarding, brochures, painting and stickers. If you have 10 employees- tell them to wear a t shirtwith the name of your company, tell them to circulate free stickers, brochures, pens, pads by the name of the company, you can create art with simple paint colors and chalk around the town just to make your name visible to another. It is very effective; you just need to use your little creativity.

3 frees stuff

It is a fact that people love free stuff.  If you really want to make your customers in easiest way out, then offering a sample is very important and ideal. You can run a contest online or simply stand out in a team in different malls. Cinema halls and play some kind of fun games so that people get attracted to the deals and win your stuff as rewards.  They can be connected in a number of ways, you all be shocked to know that 90% of the audience are available at free sample sites, etc.

  1. Blogs

Customers love to read and trust top 5 list of the stuff before buying something for them. You can simply hire good and experienced content writer to write impressive and interesting blog post for your target audience. They are highly recommended methods of increasing the groups of the customers.

  1. Photo contest

Selfie are trending and people love to participate for their fame. So our top most ideas for marketing for your business is starting a weekly photo contest at your social page and ask your customers to buy your stuff from nearby vendors and click a Selfie with your stuff and post on the social media page. This can make them win free stuff. It will solve many of your problem-  Your event start trending, your stuff selling start increasing and most important you can connect to your audience more. Happy customers will surely come back to you.

Invest time – Gain Money: Online Income Sources


The advent of the internet age has opened doors for many people to generate revenues using the same. People in the present times prefer having a rich social media presence over visiting parties or social functions regularly. The survey about average time an individual spends on the internet on a daily basis has revealed surprisingly high number of hours. Investing time in the current day is as good as investing money and thus, means to making money online should be knowledge to all.

  • Freelance Writing – A lot of people are adopting the freelancer’s life by choosing to write online. The field acts as a supplementary service to companies specialised in SEO and SMO services. A lot of scope for growth is available for this stream of writers as internet has no limits of growth and with the increasing numbers of websites, blogs and forums coming with the passage of time, there is indeed is huge money to be earned.  See: for details of freelance writing jobs and courses
  • Blogging – People have earned huge sums of money by blogging on various topics. Some of the most popular blogs are related to travel, health and lifestyle. Blogging takes a bit of time to generate revenues as individuals have to monetize their blogs and this happens after a survey conducted by the agency agreeing to monetize. Bloggers do not only earn money online but also are responsible for providing much needed expert assistance across various topics.
  • Tuitions – Online tuitions are becoming increasingly popular with the masses. Many professionals offer services of online tuitions for students on specialised subjects. The use of online tuitions allows global spread of knowledge. Qualified teachers can add this feature to the arsenal of services provided by them to enhance their bank balances and acclaim more popularity.  See: and check out the ads from people offering their services fortutoring in various subjects.  This will give you an idea how much you can charge.


  • Competitive Gaming – Kids and young adults feel juvenile at the opportunity to earn money out of their passion for multiplayer gaming. Competitive gaming is at its all-time high and the monetary benefits through such gaming are also huge. One such example is the recently completed DOTA 2 International tournament, where the prize pool was over 18 Million Dollars. The winning team Evil Geniuses got a whopping 6.8 million dollars distributed amongst the 5 players on the team.  Read more about the Evil Geniuses


It is evident from the above means that a lot of money is waiting to be earned online and given the acceptance of internet as integral part of modern lives, one can expect a lot of people to enter the foray in the coming future.

How affiliate marketing works?

Online-Shopping-Carts-Help-Grow-Your-Business1Have you ever wondered what those shimmering texts in the corners of most websites are? They are nothing but the online ads by which the companies use to generate revenues. What if I tell you that with little efforts these banners can lay golden eggs for you? Sounds Interesting? That’s called affiliate marketing.

Imagine you are looking for a property to buy, a house for an instance. When a property agent gets you a nice house for you, he gets some money for him as brokerage in return. Affiliate marketing is exactly the same. Except for one thing, you do this marketing over internet. So what is affiliate marketing? The simple answer goes like this, referring a customer to a business and getting paid in return.

This is how typical affiliate marketing works:

  1. You sign up for an affiliate program with a merchant. Your goal is to send customer to his website.
  2. Now you have a link which can be displayed in any website. This can be a simple catchy phrase, a nice animated banner or even a movie.
  3. You place the link in your website, blog or email. The objective here is to redirect the visitors to your website/blog.
  4. The visitor clicks the link and gets redirected to merchant site.
  5. The visitor buys some stuff from merchant.
  6. Congratulations! You just earned a handful amount J

You might have worries, what if the visitor bookmarks the merchant’s website and decide to purchase it later. Technically the visitor can now get into shopping directly and buy stuff. But hey, don’t worry. When the visitor first clicked the affiliate link from your website, his computer has been set with cookie, an identification mark. Now the visitor can go the merchant anytime and will be recognized as the person who came from your site. In simple word, you will be getting paid.

There are a lot of merchants that offer affiliate marketing. You can go to almost any website hosting site (ex: godaddy) or an e-commerce website (ex: ebay) and check for the link ‘affiliates’. More often you can find the links to affiliate program in the footer. You should have your own website or blog to promote the affiliate link to the visitors. You can also add the links in email and mass mail them but a mail campaign is not as effective as a website campaign.

Some tips if you are looking for affiliate programs:

  • Choose affiliate merchants relevant to your website or blog. You can also sign up for affiliate programs and then write blogs on topics relevant to your merchant.
  • If you are in an affiliate program, you should try and increase the traffic to your own blog/website. Make sure you post rich contents with strong keywords.
  • Make use of social networks to market your affiliate links
  • Do some SEO (Search engine optimization) on your website/blog. If you don’t know how to do it, call a freelancer who can do it for you.

A final word about affiliate marketing if you are deciding to do this for sure: Affiliate marketing is not a quick ride business. You have to plan it, build the base stronger and pump up the traffic. Your efforts will pay you back slowly but surely. Once your website is overflowing with visitors push those affiliate links and sit back.